How to Sign a PDF Document on Mac

The macOS allows you to sign your PDF document directly from your iOS device through macOS markup functions running under Preview or Quick Look. If you are using the iPad 2018 or later, it permits its to sign PDF documents.

Follow these simple steps to know how we can add the signature on Mac through iOS devices in Quick Look:

  1. First of all, tap the “Finder” icon and open your Finder window.
  2. Then search for a file on which you wish to put your signature. Now hit on your selected file.
  3. Now tap the spacebar of your keyboard. Then you will see that your file will open in Quick Look.
  4. Now hit the “Markup” tab.
  5. Touch the signature tab located at the upper portion of your screen.
  6. Then you have to choose the “iPhone or iPad” tab.
  7. Next, hit the “Select Device” tab.
  8. Then click on your iOS device from the list of devices.
  9. You have to create your own signature by your name on an iOS device.
  10. Next, hit the “Done” button located on your iOS device.
  11. Now hit the signature. You will see that it will appear inside the sign menu on Mac.
  12. Next, you may rotate or move your selected signature where you think it should be.
  13. Then you have to hit the “Done” tab.
  14. Now you can see a preview of your signed document. If you find it correct, then proceed forward.

Filling-up your PDF form

Follow these points to fill your PDF forms:

  1. Just launch the PDF form page by navigating the “Preview” app on the Mac.
  2. Then you have to tap any line or field bar of the form.

Now, you will see that a text box will appear automatically.

  • Then you have to enter your text in the field.
  • Then follow the instructions to fill your form according to the hints and tips.
  • You may keep your form in saving mode by tapping the “File” and then hit the “Export” tab. You may shut it, launch it for later use, and also continue according to the instructions to fill the form.

 Signing your PDF document on Mac through the iOS device 

  1. Firstly, you have to launch the “Preview” window on the Mac.
  2. Just launch your desired document on which you wish to put your signature.
  3. Then hit the “View” tab.
  4. Now you have to tap the “Show Markup Toolbar” option.
  5. Next, you have to hit the signature icon tab.
  6. Then, tap the option says “iPhone or iPad.”
  7. Now hit the “Select Device” option.
  8. Then you have to hit your selected iOS device available inside the device list.
  9. Then you have to put your name as a signature on your iOS device.
  10. Then hit the “Done” tab located on your iOS device.
  11. Now, you have to tap your selected sign.
  12. Then move the signature where it should be.
  13. Now save your selected and signed document to the location that you wish.

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