How To Pair Fitbit Versa With iPhone?

A Fitbit Versa is among the best fitness smartwatches and it keeps track of your work out. Some users are complaining because they are facing problem while pairing Fitbit Versa with iPhone. If you are one of them, then this blog is perfect for you.

Here’re the ways for fixing problems related to connecting Fitbit Versa with iPhone

  • The method of setting the Fitbit application
  • Firstly, view the Fitbit application.
  • Then, press on ‘Join Fitbit’ if you do not have an ID.
  • After that, press on ‘Log in’ if you have used Fitbit earlier.
  • Next, you should press on Versa or else Versa Lite.
  • Then, press on the ‘Set Up’ option. 
  • Next, put the account credentials.
  • After that, put a tick on the square. It shall be near the option ‘I agree with the terms and services’ option.
  • Lastly, press on Next whenever you are done.
  • The method of pairing Fitbit Versa
  • Firstly, ensure that the Fitbit Versa is in charging cradle. It should be there till the pairing procedure does not get over. 
  • Then, put Versa near the iPhone and make sure that Bluetooth is enabled. Note that pairing is done within a few seconds.
  • Whenever there is a connection, a code will get displayed on the Versa. You have to put that code in the application for letting the pairing take place.
  • Then, press on Next in the following set-up windows.
  • The method of pairing Versa if you already use the application
  • Firstly, press on the profile symbol. It shall be towards the above at the left-hand side.
  • Then, select ‘Set Up A Device.’
  • Next, press on Versa or Versa Lite.
  • Lastly, go through the on-screen instruction.

Fixing Fitbit Versa Pairing Issues

  • Bluetooth
  • Firstly, go to the Control Center.
  • Then, press on the Bluetooth symbol for turning it off.
  • Wait for some time and then enable the Bluetooth again.
  • Lastly, do the pairing work of the Versa.
  • Apart from this, other devices such as wireless headphones or speakers should not be connected to the iPhone when you are pairing it to Versa. So you need to go to ‘Bluetooth’ under Settings and then disconnect each of the devices.
  • Wi-Fi

Ensure that both Versa, as well as phone, are on the same Wi-Fi network. See the Fitbit application for checking if the watch is connected to the correct network. Similarly, check the same for the iPhone’s Settings application.

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