How to Backup Your PC to the Network Using Kiwi Cat Tools

We all worry about our important files and data. Malware and operating system hackings are becoming very common nowadays. To take the backup of your important files and data is always the best choice. In this article, you will get to know the steps to backup your PC to the network using Kiwi Cat Tools.

Here’s how to backup your PC to the network using Kiwi Cat Tools

·      Add the device

1. After opening the Kiwi Cat tools, you will get the Setup window.

2. This window helps you to add the device.

3. Press on the Next option.

4. You will get the menu list of all the fields.

5. You need to choose the router.

6. Then, select the type of the device from your menu list given on the screen.

7. After completing this procedure, start naming the device as per your wish.

8. Type the router gateway for your Host address.

9. If you do not remember it, then launch the command prompt.

10. Enter the “ipconfig” in the search bar.

11. Then, enter a name for your router.

12. You may enter the router model, but it is not a compulsory procedure.

13. Start changing the connection in the Method checkbox by selecting any other from the menu list.

14. Press on the Next option.

15. You need to enter the sign-in information about the device.

16. After completing this procedure, press on the Next option.

·      Add the Activity

1. After adding the device, the activity columns get opened on the desktop.

2. By going to the menu, you will have a list of all the types of activity, choose the Device Backup TFTP.

3. Then, enter the correct name for the activity.

4. You also need to enter the description.

5. In case you wish to do this activity permanently, skip the Persistence on Permanent option.

6. Or start changing it.

7. Choose the correct folder to save the report files, which includes the details.

8. Skip the Client Threads at Maximum available option.

9. After completing this procedure, press on the Next button.

10. Choose the device in which you wish to add the activity.

11.  After that, press on the Next option.

12. Select the file which you wish to back up through the Current file checkbox.

13. Then, choose the file which you want to compare.

14. In case you have done any changes in the files, then old file transfers to the Dated Configs folder.

15. You can also enter the optional command on the provided column.

16. Select whether the tools indicates you are using the email after changing the file.

17.  After that, press on the Next button.

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