Death Stranding: How to Carry Pizza, Change and Repair Boots

Pizza is the Food of Surprise for the players of Death Stranding in the high and challenging terrains and mountains. Hideo Kojima introduced it and the game will soon be available for Windows PC. Death Stranding is one of the most adventurous tracking games in recent times, that gives the various charming experience of challenging terrains. The main character in this game is Sam and players have to strive for providing new boots, providing materials to repair his tattered boots in order to make him eligible to deliver Pizza and other things.

Missions of Death Stranding

In this game, the players have to complete the Pizza Delivery missions and repair the tattered boots with a miracle plant named “Sandalweed plant.” They have to provide some plant materials to get their boots repaired and they can provide Sam new boots. This can be done by the scratching method after finding a safe home. They have to enter the crafting menu after accessing the inventory menu to craft the boots. 

The adventure trip of Sam is very tough as it needs more attention and courage for the players to provide all the necessary equipment, arm held things, and so on to Sam.

Follow these steps to know how to complete this mission taken by Sam to provide Pizza and other things that are wandering in hills and terrains:

Delivering Pizza to the People Wandering in Terrains and High Natural Stretches 

  1. First of all, provide all the important things to cross both the rivers, which Sam needs to cross necessarily as the direction of the Pizza delivery location is West.
  2. Then, you have to provide extra ladders so that Sam could cross the bridge.
  3. If Sam is unable to cross the bridge, or in other words, he faces it not accessible, then make other arrangements for him.
  4. You may equip other materials to cross the road if you have unlocked bikes or enabled the feature to walk fast or any other things to reach the destination quickly.

Note: You are required to finish your mission in just thirty minutes. For fast delivery, you have to make Sam walk freely.

  1. Here, you have to ensure that Sam is not overloaded.
  2. Here, you have to make proper arrangements for Sam to cross the river so that you get your delivery as soon as possible.

Traveling Through Difficult Terrains on Tattered Boots

  • Firstly, you have to hit the green tab situated at the lowermost left side portion of your screen to the left-hand side of “HUD.” It will give you an insight view on how much the boots tattered.
  • Various factors are responsible for the downgrading of his boots as he has to cross rough terrains, sprint rates, and so on. However, when he sprints on delivery terminals, his boots don’t tatter.

Changing and Repairing Sam’s Boots

After covering or traveling about 100 miles or more, Sam’s boots get tattered. Thus, this game enables its players to use various provided types of equipment and tools to repair his boots. 

Follow these simple and easy to use steps if you wish to change or repair Sam’s boots:

  1. Firstly, search for any safe house with all the required materials and equipment in order to craft new pairs of shoes for Sam. 
  2. After locating a specific house that packs the necessary pieces of equipment, the particular terminal to unlock various needed tools is activated there.
  3. Then, you have to go to the crafting menu, and there create and scratch boots to craft new boots for him instead of rough and torn rubber boots.

Note: Craft the boots for Sam by Scratch if you wish to provide fresh pairs of boots. It requires extra sense than repairing tattered boots.

  1. After that, navigate to the inventory menu and equip all the desired functions and actioned tools from there. You can also hit the sub-menu to avail of this feature.
  2. Use Sandalwood plant materials to repair Sam’s boot if you wish to mend the tattered shoes. This plant provides a specific material to patch-up the tattered area.
  3. You can also fetch the new pairs of boots for Sam from MULE bunkers and camps. 

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