Best Wireless Mouses in 2020

Every long-time working person can tell that a modified and right model of keyboard and mouse can increase the productivity of the person in large sums. Bad product not only decreases productivity but frustrates the user too.

So these are the 5 wireless mice best in the business right now. These mice have been rated on the basis of their designs and productivity. Every one of these products are wireless, and two of them have the option to work with as a wired mouse with the USB wire.

Command Center in One Hand: Logitech MX Master 2S

This device combines with customization for gaming purposes. Its wireless design allows this product to achieve higher productivity. It is easier to assign all five programmable buttons by Logitech’s software. There is one button on the thumb rest and on the bottom. The thumb scroll wheel is able to handle multiple tasks such as taking a screenshot and controlling media. This product can be used as a wired or wireless manner. The bottom button can allow the user to switch between connections up to the three connections. This product can also allow the user to let move cursor between computers in the same network through Logitech Flow Feature. This also provides a very good scrolling speed by MX Master’s hyperfast scrolling.

There is a new version launched of this mouse named, MX Master 3. In this, the design is improved a bit, and the scrolling speed and precision is increased and fast USB charging. This costs a user approximately $100.

VicTsing Vertical Ergonomic Wireless Mouse for Ergonomic Enthusiasts

In case you are searching for a mouse, you will be familiar with the brand VicTsing. This is one of the major players in the market of hardware. The product of this company tops Amazon’s bestseller list and remains in the list on a continuous basis along with Vertical Ergonomic Wireless mouse. This is powered by 2 AAA batteries, and it can connect with a small 2.4 GHz wireless USB adaptor.

This is a lightweight, comfortable, and very less time-consuming. In this one button is below the scroll wheel. This can allow the user to switch DPI (Dots per Inch) setting to slow down cursor movement as per his ability. It comes with a warranty of 18 months. It cost $15.

Best for Windows 10: Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse

This product lives up to the expectations because Microsoft’s Surface is worth its price, and it just increases multiple times when it comes to working on Windows 10 PCs. Users can customize the buttons as per their suitability. It can also connect the multiple devices at once and allow seamless movement of the cursor between those connected screens. The surface Precision Mouse is most comfortable in my personal opinion.

Small Sized Travel Mouse: Logitech MX Anywhere 2S

This product is a small version of the MX Master 2S device, and when it comes to travel, this is the best product in the wireless category. It comprises many features such as dual wireless connectivity, programmable buttons, hyperfast scrolling capacity, and Flow support (to move the cursor in different screens of computers).  Its battery life is 70 days, and a three-minute quick charge can get users through the day. It is able to use on any surface so the user can say bye to a mouse pad or rubber grips on travel.

The Lightweight Gaming Mouse: Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless

Another mouse from Logitech.

You can understand it is very difficult to find a comfortable, high performing wireless gaming mouse under the $50 price.

The G305 is a lightweight, ambidextrous design with a single AA battery that lasts approximately 250 hours of continuous gaming. Even this has no Bluetooth connectivity. Instead, it uses Logitech wireless lightspeed USB adapter. It has a hero optical sensor that optimizes the gaming experience. This tiny adapter is stored under the mouse’s palm, and it is too good for travel purposes too.

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